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Rental of Campers

A camper offers travellers unprecedented flexibility, independency and freedom: the vehicle takes you where you wish and offers you all provisions within reach. Actually everything is on board: living-room, kitchen including refrigderator, bedroom and a bathroom (with hot and cold water) which includes a toilet and even a shower. You
never have to experience the following again: Checking-in and checking-out, losing your luggage at the airport and having to go through waiting for endless hours because of delays. Your holidays start the moment you start the camper. Just imagine: you have the chance to travel throughout Europe without having to repeatedly pack and unpack. It doesn't matter where you go to– the mountains, the sea, the city or all three combined in 1 holiday; this is possible for you to achieve when travelling by camper. And furthermore this is made payable as our rates
include not only an unlimited number of kilometers but also taxes, bicycles and bottles filled with gas.

Our campers are equiped with a radio/cd player and a GPS navigation system. Because of the great number of international hirers who arrive at Schiphol (Amsterdam Airport) seven days a week, it is possible for you to arrive
and/or return on any day of the week including the weekends! In this way you are not obliged to arrive or leave on a certain day before or after the weekend. You may define the number of the rental days; it may be 7 days, 10 days, 16 or 20 days, practically everything is possible!

We rent no vehicles for wintersport-purposes.